Lean Lifestyle Academy

8 Week Program
Starting March 11, 2024

This is a program for the woman who considers herself to be a beginner or “light-medium” intermediate.

This will be 1-1 coaching in a group setting.


In this program – you can count on group support + accountability from your coach and women who have or have had similar experiences.


If you:


⏩ Daydream about being healthier but aren’t sure about the steps to take

⏩ Are tired of spinning your wheels

⏩ Don’t know what information to believe about exercises + food

⏩ Are a lifetime Weight Watchers member

⏩ Have been on and off several diets in your lifetime

⏩ Have trouble staying motivated

⏩ Need some accountability

⏩ Want to be able “to check in” with others about how you’re doing

⏩ Want some coaching but like the idea of a group setting

⏩ Need some direction to reach your goals

Do any of these sound like YOU?

You’re not alone!

This program will include:

✅ Workouts that you will do on your own schedule

✅ Habit goals and checklists

✅ Bi-weekly group ZOOM calls with your coach (ME!)

✅ Nutrition support and guidance

✅ Private Facebook group to share your experiences and to connect with your coach and others

✅ Habit making that gets you wins and not feeling like a failure.

If you’re ready to make small steps towards big changes in how you approach eating and exercise – let’s work together.

If not, that’s okay too.

But if you’re ready to continue.

Thanks so much for letting me in on your journey. XO