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  1. Mary Tessier

    I am an early-50s woman who has been obese all my life. When I heard about Catherine’s pliability and mobility (P&M) program it really spoke to me. Aging gracefully, without aches and pains. Making daily living easier. I thought my body and mind was too far gone to help from a fitness perspective. I also never thought I would have the ability to stick with it. I’m four months in a still at it. Which really enlightens me and my soul. Some days I do struggle and think this isn’t for me. But Catherine is so encouraging! Even though I doubt my ability when she demonstrates a new exercise, she talks me through the proper technique until I get it right. I’ve now surpassed the P&M program and doing mainstream strength training. I do one 1:1 session per week and two online sessions per week, which helps with budget of both time and cost. CatFit changed my life.

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