sincerely, in love & carbs

001. I know the secret to fat loss.

Written by Catherine Swail PTS, BA, BEd, Facial Stretch Therapist, Soft Tissue Mobilization Practitioner 

But it’s not the one that you want to hear. It’s the “boring” way. The one that most don’t have the patience for, and would rather do a quick fix with a short term result.

Instead of selling you on some quick method that will only leave you hungry, tired and back at square one – I thought I’d write about what you’re telling yourself that you can’t do, and how it’s affecting your life. 

This is Coach Catherine from Reborn Fitness Studio in Kemptville, and this is my message:

“The stories that we tell ourselves become the stories that we live”

You know what I’m talking about, right?

Those stories that you tell yourself about the things that you can’t do because: you’re too old, overweight, too busy, not athletic enough, too tired etc. and then these reasons just become how you live. 

And you start to believe these reasons, and will adamantly use them as to why you cannot get up early, exercise, eat better, drink less or move more. 

Kinda like how your thoughts start to become your actions. 

You let those stories dictate how you live and prevent you from becoming stronger, healthier, pain-free, independent or happy. 

A lot of times, these stories that we create in our minds come from old ways of thinking, someone else’s opinion, or excuses that we just started to believe over time. But are they true?

What about if you flipped the script on your stories? Instead of “I’m too old”, change it to “It’s never too late to start”. Or “I’m too tired” could turn into “Let’s see if this gives me more energy” or “I’m too busy” could turn into “How can I unload something off my schedule to give me some time for myself?”

We get caught up in what we think is true before we look at our circumstances. Could I get up just a bit earlier to do my training so that I don’t put it off later in the day? Could I fit in that twenty-minute walk instead of watching another show on Netflix?

Are your stories preventing you from playing with your grandchildren on the floor? Or carrying the groceries in from the car and up the stairs, lugging the holiday decorations up from the basement, getting up in the morning and not being in pain? Or feeling physically able to join a dart league, take dance lessons or walk the golf course?

Have you considered that the stories you are telling yourself are preventing you from living?

What is that one story that you keep telling yourself? How can you change it to put you closer to where you envision your future self? 

Sincerely, in love and carbs

Catherine xox

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