FAQ & Policies

Got Questions? We have answers!

Q: Can I use your gym on my own, or do I need to have a session booked?
A: Reborn is “by appointment only”, so you do need to book a session with your Trainer to use the gym.

Q: I’m interested in training at your gym – how does it work?
A: We offer 1-1 training packages in 8,16 or 24 sessions. Small Group Training sessions run twice a week (reach out for times). They are capped at 4 people per class. 

Q: What do the Personal Training sessions consist of?
A: It all depends on your goals, but they usually consist of a mobility routine to warm up, a strength training portion, conditioning and a cool down.

Q: What if I’m a beginner and have never had a Trainer before?
A: You are the perfect kind of client! We love to coach clients through new movements (before they develop any bad habits)

Q: Do I get to pick my Trainer?
A: If you know who you want, then yes! If not, we try to pair you as best as possible with an appropriate Trainer who compliments your personality and goals.

Q: Will I see my Trainer on the same day(s) every week?
A: YES! We love a schedule and we do ask that you try to schedule your sessions on the same day(s) every week with your Trainer.

Q: How do I pay for the Training packages?
A: You can pay by debit or e-transfer (preferred). We also accept Visa or Mastercard with an extra charge of 3.5%.

Q: Are there payment plans?

A: Yes, you can pay monthly for your sessions with 5% added to the total to account for the extra transactions. 

Our Policies

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: We require a 24-hour notice of cancelling your session or you will be charged in full. This includes cancelling your session for sickness, the weather etc.

Q: Can I get a refund once I’ve made my purchase?
A: We do NOT under any circumstances offer refunds. You can transfer your sessions to someone else or use them in another capacity (stretch therapy, for example).

Q: How long will my purchased sessions be good for?
A: Your paid sessions will expire 60 days after your purchase. 

Q: If I’m late for a session..?
A: You will receive the remaining time in your session.

Q: What footwear do I wear to my sessions?
A: CLEAN SHOES, PLEASE! This must include shoes that have NOT been worn outside.

Q: Can I “take a break” from my training sessions?
A: Yes, you can put your sessions on hold for up to 30 days before we allow someone else to have your training spot in your Trainer’s schedule. Please know that if you do this, you run the risk of the Trainer not being able to fit you into their schedule again. 


Q: How does the online training work?
A: Catherine will make you workouts that you will find on the app. You will do them on your time/schedule. Depending on the program that you signed up for — you will attend group meetings via Teams/Zoom.

Q: How do I pay for one of the programs?
A: I accept all forms of payment from e-transfer to credit card. You will be sent a link that prompts you to continue to your preferred payment. 

Q: I make recurring payments — how do I stop these?
A: Please let Catherine know 30 days before the next recurring payment that you would not like to continue.

Q: Can I share the workouts that were made for me with a friend?
A: Please don’t share the workouts. They were made with you in mind, and you’re sharing the hard work that your Trainer put into creating this program. 

Please reach out to get started on your journey with us!

In love & carbs,
The Reborn Team.