Lean Lifestyle Academy 2.0


8 Week Program
Starting March 11

Please make sure to fill out this form before you begin.

This is a program for the woman who considers herself to be a beginner or “light-medium” intermediate.

This will be 1-1 coaching in a group setting. 

In this program, you can count on group support + accountability from your coach and women who have or have had similar experiences. 

If you:

⏩ Daydream about being healthier but aren’t sure about the steps to take

⏩ Are tired of spinning your wheels

⏩ Don’t know what information to believe about exercises + food

⏩ Are a lifetime Weight Watchers member

⏩ Have been on and off several diets in your lifetime

⏩ Have trouble staying motivated

⏩ Need some accountability

⏩ Want to be able “to check in” with others about how you’re doing

⏩ Want some coaching but like the idea of a group setting

⏩ Need some direction to reach your goals

Do any of these sound like YOU? You’re not alone!

This program will include:

✅ Workouts that you will do on your own schedule

✅Habit goals and checklists

✅Bi-weekly group ZOOM calls with your coach (ME!)

✅Nutrition support and guidance

✅ Private Facebook group to share your experiences and to connect with your coach and others

✅ Habit making that gets you wins and not feeling like a failure.

If you’re ready to make small steps towards big changes in how you approach eating and exercise – let’s work together. If not, that’s okay too.

Thanks so much for letting me in on your journey. Xo

Is this completely online?

COMPLETELY! This is all done online. The beauty of it is — we don’t have to work around each other’s schedules. You do your workouts when YOU have time in your day.

This makes you become accountable to a schedule, which is very important to this program.

Are there workouts included in Lean Lifestyle Academy?

You bet! You will be given 3 workouts/week via an app that I use with my clients. 

What if I’m a beginner - will I be able to do the workouts assigned?

Certainly. The workouts will be scalable depending on your fitness level. There are videos with each exercise so that you know what to do.

I struggle the most with my nutrition. Will you be able to help me with this?

Yes. This is a large part of the program. You are given guidelines to follow (not a meal plan), but more ways that you can eat more strategically that align with your goals.

Why no meal plan?

In my almost 12 years as a trainer, and helping people with their nutrition – I have seen very little success with a meal plan. They are often too confining and restrictive and people just fall off them after a few days and end up eating what they want. Frustrating for me and frustrating for the client.

So, there’s a better way — guidelines. I tell you how much protein, fat and carbs to eat per day. You follow it and you see success. BAM.

How often will I be connected with you?

You can always reach me via text/messenger, and I will post often (most days) in the Facebook group to see how everyone is doing.

This is a big investment for me - can I break the payments down?

Yes, I have made that possible. Your first payment will be the day you make the purchase. The second payment will be December 8, 2023.

You mentioned bi weekly calls — what are those?

Every 2 weeks, we will come together via Google Meet, and I will present on a specific topic — nutrition, sleep, stress or another topic has come up in the group.

This program falls over the holidays — won’t it be hard to stay focused?

I will help you through this. Through the holidays, a lot of people just say f*ck it and eat what they want and think of it as a future problem.
I will help you around that mindset with different strategies. You will not be alone.

If you’re ready to commit to progress in body + mind over 8 weeks, hop on board – we start March 11, 2024!


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