Mobility and Flow Full Series


These videos can be used as a stand alone routine to get your day started, or prior to your exercise regime.

“Incorporating all of these exercises into my workouts have helped me increase my strength and recover from shoulder and hip pain.”

“Focusing on my mobility has made me stronger, and has helped me to move better.”

“I can squat and lift weight from the floor with more ease, and press weight with more body awareness.”

Looking to ease some aches and pains, or simply just move better?
Follow along with me in these videos!

For only $25.00+tax, you will receive one video that is in 3 different parts:

  • an upper body mobility routine
  • a lower body mobility routine, and
  • a hip strength series incorporating the use of a band and a dowel/stick

Are you ready to get your body feeling better?

Stay well,

Mobility and Flow is all about moving the joints, and getting the muscles primed for your day or your workout.


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